In these days of the Coronavirus lockdown, I’ve managed to get around to a few things that I’ve thought about doing and never quite managed to. Partly through my own insecurities or that there’s always something more important and pressing to do. One of those things was committing myself to film in a vlog-gy-type way. So I sat down one sunny Tuesday a couple of weeks back to talk about the next Song Club. We normally host the sessions at home and discuss music over a cup of tea and a slice of cake, but this next session will be done via Zoom. It will change the dimension of things but could also mean that we could reach more singers in the future. The intention has always been to open out the Club to a wider audience in the singing community and this will be a good trial. Anyway, here’s the film as a trial run in talking to camera and promoting the session.

Notes from Last Night

About Debbie Nichol: A lifelong lover of music of all types, Debbie Nichol has  an MA in Music (OU) focussing on music repertoires, performance and reception, and social histories. By trade she’s a marketing and training specialist and when not studying or working, spends time singing with a Barbershop Chorus (, running the Motif Song Club and writing this music blog: