Notes from Last Night

A personal journey through a life in music


Welcome to my blog and thanks for coming this far. At this point, it’d be rude not to introduce myself so, hello! I’m Debbie and in a nutshell, I’m an enthusiastic and eclectic collector of music. My passion for music stretches back to my earliest years. From remembering snippets of songs from when I was three (earliest song singing memory – Perry Como’s Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket) to singing in school and church choirs, performing in musicals, singing in bands, entertaining holiday makers as an Ents Rep overseas, clumsily playing the piano, gathering dusty LPs, tapes and CDs (mum always said that if I was pushed, I’d buy music over food, which is sort of true), owning a set of bongos, buying guitars, singing at my own wedding and listening to lots and lots of radio (thank you Radcliffe and Maconie for making my afternoons a joy). In truth, I’m a passionate but unqualified music maker (something which I’m now attempting to put right) but I’m fast becoming a qualified music listener, thanks to the brilliant Open University and their grad and postgrad degree programmes.

This blog is intended to be an honest record of my music listening experiences and my personal and unique responses rather than an attempt speak for anyone else. I’ll cover some live music, combined with new listens through digital media and good old fashioned discs and I’ll write about my observations of the musical experience, what strikes me as interesting and sounds that send my ears pricking and my senses spinning.

Hope you enjoy it.

Debbie, Notes From Last Night

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